I called Hippo for an estimate to replace my 13 square cottage roof. I was impressed with their ad that said they can do metal for the same price as shingles.

So a young woman shows up and climbs my ladder. She says "This is the tallest house I've been on." A 1 story? Do I said "dont fall" and she reply's "Dont worry I've got medicaid" Then she comes in and show me a brochure and states we dont use subs, everyone has insurance (I wondered if everyone was an unwed mother with medicaid" the she brings out her computer and calculates $10200. TEN THOUSAND?

For a cottage? the other bidders were $6400 and 5200.

I ended up paying $4800. I recommend you know what things cost or coyotes like these will rob you while their sales staff also robs the government

Product or Service Mentioned: Hippo Roofing Roof Replacement Estimate.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Hippo Roofing Pros: Welfare mom.

Hippo Roofing Cons: Idiot staff.

Store Location: 1555 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32935, USA

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Larry Taylor
Home Improvement Expert
If you are not satisfied with Hippo Roofing customer service, you may try to reach to the company top management by phone at (321) 312-1188 or at (321) 238-8829 and share your experience. You may also write to the company headquarters:
Hippo Roofing 1555 N Harbor City Blvd. Melbourn, FI 32935 USA.

I was planning on having Hippo some this week for a quote but after reading your post I am not so sure. Can you tell me who you ended up using for your roof? I live in Rockledge Thank you


I recently received a quote from them for a house I own in Satellite Beach. I'm having a difficult time getting other quotes, could you give me the names of the other roofing companies that you contacted?

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